Countdown To Outside Lands 2012

Next weekend I’ll be enjoying the frozen summer tundra that is SF at Outside Lands. Last year was my first year as a fan attending and I will admit fully that I was hesitant. Porta Potties, Non-existent public transportation, and general fear of too many drunk people in one general area? My boyfriend finally coerced to go and I had a great time. Now that I know the tips and tricks for having a great time I’m ready to go! Keep reading for the inside scoop…

Buy A Shuttle Pass

The Luxury Shuttle
The Luxury Shuttle

If you have ever have been to Golden Gate Park you know that A: Getting there via public transportation sucks (I have been stranded before), B: You need major parking karma to even think about finding a parking spot. So my answer to this problem if you live outside is a shuttle pass. It’s downright luxurious after a long day in crowds and being wind-blown. The best bet here though is to leave a bit early (but not too early or you’ll be waiting for the shuttle to arrive) to the beat the throng of concert goers.

Use The Porta Potties In The Morning

A lot my hesitation last year was the fact that I knew that there weren’t any REAL bathrooms at Golden Gate park and I all I could think of is the eww factor. So I found as long as you go to the bathroom earlier in the day and pack your hand sanitizer and maybe a few tissues you should be golden.

Download The Outside Lands App

Rather than fumbling with several pieces of paper with the list of bands you want to see simply download this year’s Outside Lands App. You can make a schedule of the bands you want to see, see where you would like to eat next and more! There is a map too which is very important because as the day wears on you get tired and knowing exactly where stuff is will save you a headache.

Enjoy The Developing Artists

What I love most about Outside Lands is that you can discover tons of new bands and artists. Last year I loved Charles Bradley and it was amazing to see him play at the main stage early on Sunday. It was a small crowd and it felt great to be apart of something special that day.Ā  Out of all the acts this year I would highly recommend Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Tanlines, Tennis, Of Monsters and Men, Alabama Shakes, and Allen Stone.

Save Your Tummy


The food at Outside Lands beats any venue I have been to hands down. My favorite area last year was Choco Lands which was a chocolate only yum fest in the forest so if you need to escape Die Antwoord this is where I would recommend you go.

Going to Outside Lands this year? Let me know in the comments with your favorite band choice…

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M83 @ The Fillmore

Not a frame worthy Fillmore poster, or is it just me?

I was pretty stoked to scoring tickets to the sold out M83 show at the Fillmore on Monday night. There is a substantial buzz out there onĀ Anthony Gonzalez’s (the lead singer, creator of M83) double album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” which has been in everyone’s heavy rotation on Rdio for over a year now and been M83’s best selling record to date.

With that being said I was a bit nervous about the show, in that I wondered if the show would lack energy or even worse.. sound like two hours of the SAME DAMN SONG.

Well no fear, I was pretty impressed. The backdrop behind the band was sparkly, and there were TRON like light sticks that changed color with each song. Gonzalez’s band was on point too, a guitarist (with a two-toned shirt) rocked out while on stage left Morgan Kibby added breathy ambient vocals.

I will admit some point during the show I thought to myself, what exactly are they singing about? I was secretly hoping it wasn’t about punching puppies or anything super horrible. The music had the same type pattern: intro, build, release, and rock out. But nevertheless I see what the fuss was about the band was tight and I found myself rocking out and not pretending that I knew the words.

The crowd was interesting. I had expected the plaid hipster that exit BART at 24th and Hipster but found the crowd to be primary college age kids and high school kids and few grown folks. In fact during the encoreĀ  some high school age kids decided it would be a great time to RUN through the crowd that is when I decided it would be a great time to take off.

The Fillmore is a great place to enjoy a intimate show like this and I was very impressed with the light rig that was set up behind the band. Not only every show that sells out at the Fillmore you get a collectible poster. While this poster isn’t frame worthy this time it is a cool takeaway. Also if you see a show there don’t forget a apple in the barrel on your way out.

Newbie’s First SXSW 2012

You may recall last year I wrote a post about SXSW with tips from friends about how to make the most of your SXSW experience having never been I was eager to learn. I’m happy to report that this year I was able to attend for work! I’m so very appreciative as I had a amazing experience and sending someone to Southby (as people in the know call it) is nothing to shake a stick at.. it’s pricey but I believe very worth it.

Highlights of my 1st SXSW: Music

Let’s start with the most important aspect of this conference, the music. What I loved the most about Austin was from very corner of this city music was performed. From city coffee houses, large venues to even my hotel, you couldn’t miss it. In no particular order here were my favorite performances:

Lee Field and the Expressions at Red 7:

I’m a huge fan of soul music and Lee Fields is another classic story like Charles Bradley of an artist beating the odds and releasing a record at age 60ish. It’s simply amazing.

Thee Oh See’s with Carson Daly

Also at the Red 7 venue was Carson Daly’s Music Unlimited’s showcase. Daly being a huge fan picked a amazing showcase with Lee Field and the Expressions, Tennis, Cults, and the Thee Oh Sees. Thee Oh Sees is a rock back from SF and apparently Carson is such a fan he jumped on stage with the band! I love the unexpected and this was certainly was a surprise!

A$AP Rocky at The Spotify Show-This rapper has amazing stage presence as you might be able to make out he brought his whole crew on stage with him; throwing bottles and jumping around. It was a sight to behold.

Delta Spirit was playing Stubb’s on the last evening I would be in Austin. After standing on my feet all day for three days my dogs were barking but I dragged myself to this show. I loved the vibe of the venue; open air and amazing bbq and Delta Spirit fit right in!

The Food

One of the best meals I had at SXSW was at Papi Tino’s. I enjoyed amazing guacamole, refreshing mineral water (yes it’s hot and I was thirsty!) as well as enchiladas. But my favorite part of this mealĀ  was the hand-made churros with homemade ice cream. Delish! The restaurant faces 6th street and has a quaint porch that features live music. My group was seated out side and with the breeze it was a enjoyable spot.

Free Stuff

I love free stuff, along with music it’s one of my favorite things. I was a little bummed I didn’t come home with armfuls of free stuff but I learned that there is more free stuff during the interactive week at SXSW. But I did come home with some pretty cool free AND useful things. The best thing I came home with was a dry-fit cotton Nike Fuel band exercise top. Nike had a huge basketball court/Skatepark/music venue at SXSW marketing their latest product the Nike Fuel band. After getting a free shirt and hanging out I really want a Fuel Band so their marketing ploy worked.